Aluminum Honeycomb

Aluminum honeycomb
10mm (5,3kg), 15mm (7kg)
Non Combustible B1
Available size:
2440 x 1220mm / 3050 x 1300mm
Available thickness:
10mm, 15mm
Wall, Ceiling

Honeycomb aluminum core is a kind of regular hexagonal honeycomb material which is made of aluminum foil, with a light weight, high strength, good rigidity, and strong overall stability characteristics. Because the raw material of honeycomb aluminum core adopt high flatness metal aluminum foil, so it has so many advantages, such as waterproof, protection against insects etc. It is a new kind of ndispensable filler material for other high-strength honeycomb board.

The main strengths of Aluminum Honeycomb:


1. Light weight, low density.

2. High strength, good rigidity.

3. High compression resistance, good cushioning.

4. Thermal insulation, sound insulation.

5. It is good for preventing fire and damp.

6. Good formability.

7. Recyclable

8. Easy to clean


Aluminum honeycomb plate can be widely used in aerospace, shipbuilding, cars, trains vehicles, unit bathroom and other industries with strict requirements for weight, strength.