Artkon / Artboard NC

expanded glass fiber
133 – 210 Kg/m3 (depending on thickness and/or
Low Flame Spread, IMO 653 or Non Combustible, IMO 799
2440 x 1220 mm
2 – 38 mm
Plain or bonded with laminate or aluminum
Walls, ceilings, furniture

Artkon and Artboard NC are manufactured by pressing a number of foam composite fibers and extending them to a suitable thickness. This unique process results in a material that combines several important properties. The main strengths of Artkon and Artboard:

  1. Lightweight: the density of the material varies between 133 and 210 kg / m³ depending on thickness and/or application.
  2. Many decorative possibilities: this panel can be easily bonded with any type of surface cover such as okoumé plywood, laminate, melamine, veneer, upholstery, aluminium, marble, etc.
  3. Direct surface-covering and edge-bonding: Possible to cover and glue directly with spray adhesive.
  4. Fire resistance: Artkon complies with the IMO requirements for low flame spread. Artkboard NC is the non-combustible version.
  5. Good rigidity and stability: this panel has a good tensile strength and stands against both water and chemicals.
  6. Machining possibilities: Artkon and Artboard can be processed with standard tools. Drumarkon can produce the board according to your exact requirements, e.g. cut, (edge) -bound, drill, groove, post shape, etc.
  7. Artkon is also available as sandwich panel.

Available in the version Non-flammable and a Low FlameSpread.