Bisco L3 M 0940
ca. 380 Kg/m3
Low flame spread en smoke & toxicity:

IMO Res. MSC 61 (67)
Available dimensions:
40 mm wide (other width on request)
9 mm
Specific i.c.m. sound-absorbing floor (Druma-Floor NC-SR)

Bisco L3 M 0940 is a full replacement for the traditional one. polyurethane foams, which are used to dampen and cancel vibrations and contact noise on board ships, but do not contribute in any way to fire safety.

For that reason, they can no longer be used on board ships and large yachts, which must be built under IMO / SOLAS regulations.

Bisco L3 M 0940 is a new material with superior properties, is MED certified (low flame spread and smoke & toxicity IMO Resolution MSC 61 (67)) and is resistant to oil, grease and water.

Bisco L3 M 0940 retains its shape under load and performs excellently as a vibration isolator and is therefore ideally suited for use in combination with our newly developed floor system, which is sound-insulating and also MED certified as B-15 floor.

For the specification of this floor, please refer to the Drumafloor NC-SR product sheet.