Acoustic sandwich panel
Available size:
2490 x 1210 mm or 2490 x 600 mm
Other dimensions on request
square edges, grooved and plywood keyway or with overlap
30/40/50 or 60 mm cut-out on all four edges
Available thickness:
11 mm – 26 mm
Rough or painted

Our sandwich panels are made up of panels with ocouméplex through and through and a core of:

– DrumAcoustic 2150 / Heavy solid rubber (EPDM, PVC free) (2150 kg / m3)
– DrumAcoustic 1050 / Rubber (1050 kg / m3)
– DrumAcoustic 550 / Light composed with cork / rubber (550 kg / m3)
– DrumAcoustic 225 / Ultra Light composed with cork layer (225kg / m3).

These materials dampen the vibration before it is radiated as sound and transferred to other system components. Usually used in sandwich with plywood, but can also be glued with aluminum or steel.

The acoustic sandwich panels are often used for floors and partition walls.

Noise reduction measurements are in accordance with ISO 140-3.

All panels are available with square edges, grooved (on 4 sides) or with an overlap of 30, 40, 50 or 60 mm on all sides.