Drumafloor NC

Drumafloor NC
17 mm
2400 x 600 mm
System weight:
15 kg/m2
Core material:
Calcium silicate, rot, moisture and impact resistant
Non-combustible; volgens IMO Res.
MSC A.799 (19)
Floor system *, to be installed on trusses or rock wool

This panel is constructed from a calcium silicate core, with an HPL plate on both sides, with a sanded surface.

The panels are provided with a groove all around and are mounted by means of an aluminum spring and fixed with steel screws with countersunk head.

Product features:

– Complies with IMO Res. MSC A.799 (19),
– Floating floor in combination with Bisco or rock wool,
– Easy installation,
– Excellent mechanical properties,
– Low weight.

Installation and processing:

If the panels are placed on rafters, we recommend a rafter distance of 40cm * and they must be sufficiently aligned. If the floor panels are installed on stone wool, the steel sub-floor must be sufficiently flat. The panels are supplied with heavy plastic corner protectors and are pre-drilled all around, with the holes countersunk. After the panels and the aluminum springs have been installed, only the holes need to be drilled (drill diameter 4.5 mm), after which the panels can be fixed with the supplied thread-forming screws (M 5×12 mm). It is recommended to cover the floor with hardboard plates afterwards, or if the floor is subjected to extreme loads during construction, underlayment plates to prevent damage. We also supply CoverGuard on request; a flame-retardant plastic protective film with a non-slip structure, with which the whole can be covered (supplied on a roll (110 x 0.91 m)). This means that sparks from welding, burning or grinding can no longer be a hazard.

* At a frame spacing greater than 40cm, a higher floor load than usual or where a higher system weight is required, Drumafloor NC can be used in combination with the Druma basicfloor NC.