23 Kg / m2
230 x 60 cm Netto
18 mm
sanded and with standard primer. Extra option: cover with HPL.
Tongue and groove coupling where normal white wood glue can be used (PVAC)
Sound reduction:
32 dB

The Druma-Panel system is a strong alternative to the usual wall systems inland shipping: walls made of plywood, mounted on trusses with a plasterboard over it plus the necessary stucco; a fairly labor-intensive system.

With Druma-Panel, a wall that is ready for finishing can be installed in one go and, due to its system weight, provides at least the same noise reduction as the usual walls with the double cladding.

The gypsum fiber board has a high density and is (already) provided with a universal primer as standard, so that a primer is not necessary, unless the manufacturer of the adhesive to be used explicitly prescribes this. In principle, the wall can therefore be immediately provided with wallpaper or tiles. Particularly suitable for use in damp areas.

Due to the good mechanical rigidity, fastening at the top and bottom with one horizontal ruler in the middle is sufficient and in principle no upright rules need to be used. With a double partition wall, the individual walls are then not connected to each other, which benefits the noise reduction.

The wall panel has a very good Rw value: 32 dB. The system weight is approx. 23 kg / m2. The ability to hold screws is high. Due to the special tongue & amp; groove on the long side, the panels fit together almost seamlessly, as a result of which fillers and the like are reduced to a minimum or are not necessary.

When fastened to the frame with screws, a distance of approx. 20 cm from the tongue & amp; groove must be maintained; slight thickness differences with the panel occur at the back. When the panels are screwed right next to the tongue & amp; groove, the joint can be forced, and thickness difference can be moved to the front / viewing side, which means filler is needed.

Packaging: on pallets of 230 x 60 cm, 30 panels per pallet, provided with hardboard all around, with all corners protected with corner strips from fire. This allows the pallets to be lifted on board without any problems or damage