6mm / 10mm / 15mm
1200 x 600mm
Aluminium / standard

PROMAGUARD® is a new generation product used for passive fire protection and thermal insulation. Formulated with exclusive mineral and non-fibrous materials based on microporous and PROMAXON technologies, PROMAGUARD® provides efficient solutions for ships and yachts that save weight and reduce thickness up to four times compared to traditional materials and solutions.

Quality assurance

Promat products are manufactured under strict quality control systems to ensure our customers receive materials made to the highest standards. Working according to these standards means that all activities that affect quality are recorded in written procedures. All materials and their use are systematically and thoroughly checked. Test equipment is regularly checked and referred back to national standards. The information in this data sheet is based on actual testing and is believed to be typical of the product. However, no guarantee of results is made as the conditions of use are beyond our control.


  • Non-combustible
  • Very lightweight
  • Contains no fibers
  • Flexible and easy to install < / li>
  • Excellent thermal conductivity


  • A Class construction
  • Bulkheads and Decks
  • Trunks
  • Thermal insulation on exhaust systems

Thermal characteristics

PROMAGUARD® has the lowest thermal conductivity compared to most traditional insulation products available on the market. The graph shows that 10 mm PROMAGUARD® (in relation to density and temperature) produces a reduction in the radiated heat and an insulation that would be achieved with 50 mm of typical fiber material. Therefore, PROMAGUARD®, weighing 2.4 kg / m2 for a thickness of 10 mm, can deliver the best performance and achieve A60 class fire protection.